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Q: Do I really need to worry about getting dryer vent cleaning?
A: Yes. One of the leading causes of house fires is the dryer. Between the years 2002-2004, an annual average of 12,700 clothes dryer fires occurred in homes causing over $88 million in property loss each year. Dryer Vent Cleaning  is essential to your safety and well-being.


Q: How often should I have my vent cleaned?
A: We recommend having your vents cleaned every year.  Ask about our multi-unit discount special.


Q: How can I tell if I should have my vents cleaned?
A: There are 3 things which usually indicates that you have a dryer vent that needs serviced.

1. Increased drying times are one of the best indicators of a dirty or clogged vent. If it takes more than one cycle to dry a load of clothes, especially jeans and towels, cleaning is most likely in order.

2. If your dryer gets hot on the top of the dryer during a drying cycle it usually means that the air flow which helps keep the dryer cool is restricted. This can be a broken vent pipe in the wall or ceiling or a clogged vent. Also, if you open the dryer while it is operating you will find the inside of the drum which turns extremely hot.

3. Sometimes you will notice that your clean clothes come out of the dryer smelling musty.


Q: My laundry room is on the second floor next to the bed room. Does this matter?
A: Yes. The placement of your laundry room may require longer venting lines. Long vent lines can result in the increased build-up of lint. Additionally, some newer dryers are not configured to work with these long vent lines. We can evaluate your specific venting requirements and recommend the best configuration.


Q: My house is only a year old. I can wait a few more years before calling you, right?
A: In our experience, it is never too early to call. Improperly installed vents are a major cause of house fires. In our experience, we’ve even found insufficient venting in new, upscale housing.


Q: My dryer doesn’t seem to dry my clothes well lately. Does this mean I need a new dryer?
A: Not necessarily. Clogged vents or improperly installed vents will prevent your dryer from efficiently drying your clothes. Consider calling us before purchasing a new dryer. Many folks purchase new dryers when the problem is really the venting and the new dryer still doesn’t dry the clothes.


Q: I need to buy a new dryer any so I don’t really need to worry about having my vent cleaned, right?
A: After the removal of your old dryer is a perfect time for a visit from one of our trained service professionals to inspect and clean your vent so that your new dryer can operate at maximum efficiency. Some of the newer dryers are designed to shut down when the vent does not allow proper air flow for the dryer to work safely and efficiently. This is a safety feature and can only be fixed by giving the dryer adequate venting.


Q: It looks like there is water dripping from my dryer vent. Is this normal?
A: One of the most important functions of a dryer is the elimination of moisture recovered during the heating of damp clothing. This moisture is held in the warm air produced by the dryer as humidity and is normally expelled to the outdoors through the dryer’s vent. If this air can not be adequately removed, poor drying will result. This moisture can also condense into pools of water in the dryer vent, eventually leaking out. Any moisture accumulation inside the dryer ducting is a sign of poor venting which should be checked.

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